Our space


Harmony, warmth and sensuality part of the millenary oriental culture are perfectly present in our welcoming facilities, here, at Magic Sensity. This is the ideal place to let your body and mind travel to unsuspected pleasures offered by tantric and erotic massages; surrounded by luxury, relax, comfort and exclusivity.

Prevalence of natural materials, warm and delicate colors, sober and clear spaces, a subtle and tenuous lighting, unique and fresh aromas and oriental details giving personality to our decoration. Magic Sensity leads you to he most sensual and suggestive Orient. Tranquility and peace, searching balance between body and mind. You will reach the ideal state of mind to free your senses from day to day stress. Reach pure pleasure when our masseuse hands caress your skin.

Tantra roots come from the deepest of Hindu, Buddhist, Nepalese, Tibetan and Japanese cultures. It’s objective is “release of energy” and “consciousness expansion”. Now, in Barcelona’s heart, well communicated, with parkings in the nearby and very close to Sants Station, we offer a world of experiences, tantric and erotic sensations that will make you reach ecstasy.