Our erotic Nuru massage

gel masaje nuru erotico

Our erotic Nuru massage

Let’s talk about Nuru massage which is expanding all over the world while turning into one of the most popular inside erotic massage.

Erotic massage, nowadays, are a popular way of passive relaxation, where the main target is to excite and maximize the usage of this energy.

Nuru word comes from Japanese, meaning slippery and greedy. This is the main trait of a special gel based in Marine Seaweed from Japan. It has got a thick consistency, which may recall a lubricant, however, slides smoothly on skin. Unlike oil, this gel is easily removed with water.

Thanks to its natural provenance, it has got antibacterial effects and nourishing effects for human skin, which will remain smooth and hydrated.

In case you did not know about Nuru, you can come and try it in Magic Sensity, were we always work with original and premium quality products.


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